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Starting part 2 of the Zodiac book (link below) it has started relating Aries to the head of man and has explained that the head and spinal cord is the vehicle by which we can communicate to God.  No, it is not "out there" but backed up by fact and scriptures.  I encourage you to buy the book and read it slowly to understand it.  You can purchase the 12 tissue salts at:





I'm starting a journey on tissue salt investigation related to a possible cure for MS.  What I didn't expect waste find a relationship between the human body and the universe that places us so close to God as to imply He lives in us.

I find myself researching books dating back to early 1900's and I have enjoyed every morsel of knowledge I have gathered.  My first big shift was finding out that Astrology was once so close to our very existence but has now become a mere fortune telling device namely via horoscopes.  I am going to search onward to uncover the bodies secrets and share what I find here.


The poem below "1920" was written in 1916 and appears in the book "God-Man The World Made Flesh".  It could have been written for present times as it identifies real tragedies of our times.  Reference to Revelations scriptures makes one ponder the possibilities of just how far we've come or should I say how far we have circled and repeated.







The revolutionary planet, Uranous, entered the zodiacal sign Pisces, the fishes, in January , 1920.  Uranous is from a Greek word meaning heaven.


The hour has struck that opens the door for a New Dispensation for man, and the standing prophecy, proclaimed, trumpet-tongued, down through the ages, is now being fulfilled.  The order is dying “Amidst its worshipers.”


God’s loosened thunder shake the world!

Across the lurid sky the war birds scream!

Earth’s millions die!

Fear and woe unutterable!

The fires of purification are lighted!

Into the cosmic melting pot has been cast hate, race prejudice,

selfishness and the devils of greed!

The towers of superstition and tyranny are falling!

The thrones and scepters of kings lie scattered and crushed along

the highway of nations!

Pride has fallen from from its insecure pinnacle of shame!

The rich are terror stricken!

“Their silver has been cast into the street!”

“Their gold has been removed from them!”

“The merchants of the earth weep and mourn, for no man buyeth

their merchandise!”

The churches are in panic!

The liquor power rages!

The gambler is terror stricken!

The grafting politician seeks a hiding place and finds none!

The briber flees when “no man pursueth!”

The priest and preacher pray, but no help comes, for they, too,

must be judged!

The harlot alone seems unafraid, BECAUSE SHE IS NOT A

HYPOCRITE, and has heard the words, “The harlots will

enter the kingdom before you!”

Mankind has gone to the limit of animalism!



--Written in 1916

--”God-Man The Word Made Flesh”

  by George W. Carey and 

        Inez Eudora Perry 






 Started investigating this book on 10-1-12.  Part One -  informs us of tissue salts and their relation to zodiac.  Please read this section (Part 1) and find your tissue salt.  Also, the book suggests you take the present zodiac sign's tissue salt corresponding to the date.  On October 1, it was Libra so Tissue salt #10 or Nat Phos would be taken along with your own corresponding zodiac sign until the next zodiac sign begins.  According to the book we are supposed to take our own zodiac tissue salt daily.



This book helped me recognize signs and symptoms of tissue salt deficiency


I like this book because the pictures are clear and the format is easy to follow.






Continue to read "The Zodiac and the Salts of Behavior" with wonder and amazement.  Part two is taking a look at each zodiac sign and how the corresponding tissue salt plays a major role in the proper functioning of our body.  We are in Saggitarius so tissue salt #12 Silica is the salt for this zodiac.




Finished the book!  

I ordered another helpful book and it seems to have great information about using tissue salts to treat common problems.  It is a great book to have on hand when the drug store or pharmacy is closed in the middle of the night.