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7-22-19 Mercury out of retrograde, woo hoo! I had another maneuver today and a comrprehensive visit where Dr Smart treats my whole body and today the focus was balance, skin toxicity (heavy metals), pancreas and a trauma @ year 43?? Afterward, I came home and tried my first tent sauna. It didn't work, I didn't sweat (MSers often don't sweat) but I guzzled water to the tune of 80 ounces and felt my body attempt to sweat. Success!! I will try again in 2 days (as directed). I'm gaining some weight so off to the Naturopath for heavy metal testing. Hopefully results will give some direction. In the meantime, I fight to survive each day and try to walk on the treadmill or with a walker, but it seems pointless most of the time.


6-27-19 New chiropractor, Dr Smart, has found some maneuvers that help break up nervous system tissue that frequently "builds up" or "scars up" along your spinal column, especially after you have had a disease like MS for over 40 years, like myself.. Along with Dr Cohen's spinal health therapy that includes; a wobble chair to loosen your pelvis every day, a fulcrum to strectch your spine daily and head weights you wear strapped to your head for 15 minutes daily, I am feeling better balanced and have taken a few steps on my own. I realize I have taken a few steps on my own, and have not been able to take a few steps on my own (back and forth) for over 20 years. Some of the changes I have been through in the past few years start with dietary changes.

4-15-19 Bladder continues to heal, I'm not allowed to lift over 5 lbs. but incontinence is a problem. So Poise pads to the rescue there. Also, some of the surgery has "settled" so now I'm feeling really depressed because things are looking like before surgery, but not quite that bad.

2-18-19 I had out patient surgery on the day we got two feet of snow!  The bladder surgery went well, I came home at 12 noon and snow started falling at 1:00 PM. There wasn't a huge amont of pain except for the unbelievable amout of swelling. Needless to say, the pain meds did not work and I couldn't get to a pharmacy or store because nothing was open (except for Walmart) woo hoo!!  Advil to the rescue and I was well on my way to healing.

11-23-19 Joined NOOM weight loss plan and the weight loss journey has been incredible.


In 2018, I did the Whole 30 program. It was a wild ride but I only lost 7 pounds. Since I have now healed from the accident involving hemorrhoids and everything is well in that department. I have started having a prolapsed bladder. So now, weight loss is at a standstill, but not all is lost because the Whole 30 program has totally changed my body as far as how I desire food. I now taste sugar in everything and no longer crave carbs. 

(With MS bodily functions will always need help. I will have to taje digestive enzymes for the rest of my life, I will need to be mindful of regularity and I have found Magnesium (not Milk of Magnesia) all different types of Magnesium "see my supplements tab"help keep everything flowing [if you get my drift]. So all that said, I will always have to be careful with bowel movements, eating a severely limited diet and do a 10 minute daily routine of exercise just to keep moving.

Anyway, now I'm dealing with bladder issues, exercising for pelvic strength (in addition to all the other exercise) and visiting doctors 3-4 times a week. I was almost hospitalized because my arms amd legs just couldn't keep up.  But after all the exercising for bladder strength and position, including using an Apex M everyday, my insides became too weak and I had surgery for proper repositioning. On to 2019 above.


In 2016-2017, I learned about calories and food combining with the "Food Lover's Fat Loss System. It works and I give it "two thumbs up" but it wasn't right for me in the long run.



5-11-16  Frankincense essential oil has done wonders to help alleviate the symptoms of MS and the swelling of hemorrhoidal tissue.  It is amazing oil but fairly expensive.  Butterfly Express seems to be the most reasonable place to get good organic Frankincense Essential Oil. An essential oil expert named Kris Colcock from Bremerton, WA has made me an essential oil blend to apply to the soles of my feet.  I have been using this specific blend and have noticed remarkable improvement in my reflexes (ability to act quickly) and also my leg spasms have almost completely subsided.  After 60 days of consistent use, I am confident that this remarkable woman has made a great essential oil blend to help with MS.  Kris's email is kris@colcock.com

A great thing that I started last year (October 2015) is The Food Lover's Fat Loss System.  I have lost 30 pounds so far. The Food Lover's System has taught me how to eat healthy and live healthy.  Although I am predominately scooter dependent at the moment, I have actually lost weight!  WooHoo!!

Dr. Michael Wagner is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor.  He is dedicated to helping others achieve total health.    


Got my hair cut to celebrate weight loss! Who knew I had curls??




To update these past 18 months is a mind blowing task so I'll give the cliff note version.  On 1-4-14 I had a lifting accident (I tried to lift a cedar chest and herniated hemorrhoids.  I was in terrible pain and searched for any product that would give me relief. I found Mayinglong, Allieviate, Dr. Butler's Ointment, H care and Rectify


For six months I lay in bed taking 911 Hem relief (the only supplement that gave me relief)

I found Oregon Hemorrhoid Clinic (503) 786-7272 and have been visiting them for the last year.  It is a long drive (356 miles) 

but it is worth it.  I still have problems but the clinic is fixing them slowly but surely.  The Oregon Hemorrhoid Clinic performs the Keesey technique which is virtually painless.  I am so grateful to them.  I am still visiting my upper cervical chiropractor and I get a massage once a week to help with MS.  I have had to start all over with exercise and I can not walk at the moment so that is my goal.  To regain strength the walk with assistance,  I do the elliptical 3 times a week, I no longer take LDN

  I am trying a new form of exercise that has helped me and several people with MS

This machine has given some balance back and some strength.  Read the reviews with people that have MS getting great help with this machine.  Try it it is not that expensive and it will help any one wishing to tone up and lose weight.  10 minutes three times a week.  The machine comes with a book, its easy to put together and fun to use.  The treatments mentioned in 2013 entry with skin brushing and age reversing oils have been put on hold.  I do use a deep relief made by a local Aroma therapist and I will share her information as soon as possible.  Please stay safe healthy.



Wow another year has flew by and I'm having a hard time realizing this fact.  My last doctor's appt. was a good one.  Updates on exercise: 35 minutes on elliptical machine and have added some balancing maneuvers.  Still trying to get core muscles strong for walking.  No change in weight after 5 years of exercising (disappointing).  Tried Lypozene, was not impressed.  I am currently seeking Garcina  and will keep you posted.  Frankincense essential oils to the soles of my feet have helped alleviate numbness and spasms.  This is a new addition to my routine and I will keep you posted about this, too.  Studying about skin brushing and essential oil recipes to reverse aging.



10-15-12  Link to the product for Neuropathy here.




So what enables the ingredients in the Neuropathy Support Formula to be so effective at relieving the pain, numbness, burning, and tingling of nerves?


 Dear Friend, You don't realize it yet, but in the next couple of minutes, you're going to learn about an all natural formula with ingredients backed by peer reviewed clinical studies. I am going to show you how these ingredients have been shown to improve neuropathic symptoms and let you return to a normal life. Here are some of the positive results that our ingredients have achieved for others: Reduced numbness and tingling in hands, feet and legs Lessened the pain & burning sensations Support & strengthened nerves & nerve linings Reduced stress & anxiety Improved balance and coordination And it's backed by our 1 year money back guarantee






10-12 12  I've taken Neuropathy from Neuropathy Treatment Group (link above) for 4 years (5-15-16) and have noticed great improvement.  Also taking BF&C a supplement from Dr. Christopher (book below).  It helps relieve pain, also.  Here is his book full of great information about all ailments.  Every home should have one of these books, especially in these times.



10-8-12  A year has passed and I am still taking Low Dose Naltrexone 4.5mg every evening.  Neuropathy still in my feet.  Training for Theta Healing has been impossible to accomplish.  Mainly because the training facility offered was not handicapped accessible or it was too far away if it was.  The person doing local training wanted thousands of dollars to do a private session training and I refused to pay more than the $500.00 he charged everyone else.  Blogging was not easy to maintain but I still think of it often and one day I will achieve daily or weekly blogs. I turned my efforts toward Quantum Healing (Quantum Touch), with Richard Gordon(book below).  I enjoy it and have helped many people.  Yes, even from a wheelchair.  I still exercise 3 times week and am trying some new supplements.





10-8-11  Still taking Low Dose Naltrexone, I am playing Linda Ronstadt and John Denver tunes 

on the guitar. I continue to exercise 3 times a week for 10 minutes on the elliptical

and I reach .25 miles, I'm so excited.  The summer brought some challenging times

I was discouraged a little.  Peripheral neuropathy mostly in my feet.  I practice theta healing

regularly but mostly with pre-recorded lessons as I am still not able to get to a training.

I started blogging with www.scootwithme.wordpress.com  It helps me focus on keeping track of

my progress reminding how far I have healed.  I blog about my life and realize that being different has

it's good and bad points.  A 



5-9-11 Still following the VIP website for Theta Healing, Brent Phillips just had a

special event on fear, it was really good and I think a trip to his website is worthwhile.

Check it out.       www.formulaformiracles.com

My journey has lead me to listen to Deb Thompson's Living Energy Secrets

series.  More on this later but you should check out The Emotion Code, google it and see what

you think, also.

 Theta Healing Book                     The Emotion Code




5-1-11 Started taking Low Dose Naltrexone two weeks ago, I am experiencing some

improvements.  I still do Theta Healing sessions (pre recorded) weekly.  Guitar is still

bringing me happiness. A++


02-23-2011 5:07:28 AM PST

2-22-11     I've had some setbacks with eyesight and strength but the fluctuations have smoothed out. Several situations have occurred that brought "stress" to the focus of my life for a little while.  I decided to stop Copaxone,  called my doctor but didn't receive a call back yet.  He said I could choose to stop any time and there would be little consequence. The injections were painful and the schedule of every day intensified the pain.

Money situation rocky and struggle continues as with the rest of the country's people. I realize I'm no different. Or am I?

Saw a friend of mine play at a local music store and had the urge to attempt guitar again. Found a small guitar and signed up for lessons. Really excited as guitar playing with help brain coordination and bring joy to my life.

Have come torealize that I must live in peace if I'm to survive I truly enjoy not needing to be onsomeone elses schedule.

02-17-2011 11:29:42 PM PST


Monday 2-14-11  we had a storm and lost power, I was sad because some trees had fallen on our property.  I love trees so this happening was extremely stressful.  Tues on 2-15-11 I had an appointment so I missed the live call with Brent on Health and the extra event Healing from the Womb.  I listened to the recording later that evening.

During the "Healing from the Womb" portion I felt two separate jolts of electricity bolt through my body (at least I can imagine that this was what electricity felt like as I had never been axtually struck by lightning) Anyway, the first bolt happened about one minute into the session, the second one happened much later. (the session only lasted five or so minutes)

The bolts jolted from my right shoulder down through my torso out my left hip area.  My left leg is effected by MS and my balance is completely off.  After the jolts, I would feel my brain moving inside my head (it was the sensation like it was moving--I don't think it actually moved) The session ended.

During the session I had flashes of my past, people that I hadn't thought of in years and some people I didn't remember meeting.  It was like I was part of a movie in my head--I could hear myself asking these memory people questions and I was activeenough to ask myself questions like, "why is he here or why is she doing that?" After the session ended, my memory of this happening became cloudy and it was difficult to focus on any one person or thing.  I only remember one face, it looked like Sierrus Black from Harry Potter The Prisoner of Azkaban.

I was listening to the Q & A session and noticed that my eyesight had cleared dramatically, allowing me to focus on words without reading glasses and without bringing them up to my face.  I've had optic neuritis since 1981 and my eyesight has always given me problems.

Other things I have done in the past has helped my eyesight but usually they have taken longer than 5 minutes to achieve this type of clarity.

The next day , 2-16-11, I wnt outside and the clarity had extended to vivid colors and fine attention to detail.  It was great to see so well and I enjoyed the day's each and every minute with extreme gratitude. 

02-13-2011 4:30:10 AM PST

Late yesterday evening after listening to the 11-16 recording of DNA healing (on Brent's VIP website) I felt a very strange sensation in my head.  It felt like someone was adjusting my inner ear--when I think about it I get the impression that the "adjustment" took place in my semi-circular canals, left side more than right.

I believe the DNA session had something to do with this as I hadn't visited my chiropractor for some time.  My chiropractor (Upper Cervical) 







has helped alleviate many MS symptoms over the past two years.  Some symptoms come back, but overall I think that Upper Cervical Care is a benefit to MS patients. at least to myself.  

Emotional Day

02-11-2011 6:14:38 PM PST

On 1-31-11 I had my first private session. My emotions ran wild as I settled in to listen to Brent.  Since I had become proficient at muscle testing, I use a pendulum, we started the session with calibration.  With the progression of questions, I felt amazed and shocked.  I tested positive that I had been bewitched by a past patient of mine I took care of as a Nursing Assistant back when I was 17 years old.  I remember Liz and she didn't seem to be the type of person to do such a thing, although she was severely beddridden from MS.  I feel it must have been a misinterpretation on my part.  I knew very little about MS in 1979 so again I wondered how it could have been misdirected.  No matter, the "bewitching" was cleared and many untrue statements were made true with the help of Theta Healing.  Empowerment returned to me, I hadn't felt it for years but my body seemed to welcome it.  I smiled.

Finally, Brent ended the session with a healing.  I don't know what he did but I felt my brain move slightly as if it were adjusting to a proper position.  My eyesight cleared for awhile, it had been blurry for the past six months.  To this date I'm on Copaxone for MS for 3 weeks and I think there is some relief of MS symptoms but nothing for sure yet. I marked the day grade as an A++.  If these day grades keep up with straight "A's" I will be completely healed soon.

02-11-2011 2:37:21 PM PST

2-11-11  Okay, stumbly start with daily entries but I believe it will get better with time.  Had that cold that has been sweeping my city and got over it in record time, thanks to Theta.  I did the recorded allergy session and used different allergins (as directed on the recording) with some good results.  I repeated the allergy session 1 x day with the different allergins that I thought might be adding to my cold symptoms.  Anyway, once I felt better I substituted "my body" in place of the allergin for treatment for MS--I was prompted to do this by my intuition and did feel stronger afterwards.  I think its going to take more than one time.  So, the last 10 days were spent fighting a cold and listening to some recorded  theta sessions.  Hopefully, I can stay on top of this blog and continue the journey daily.  My first private reading was 1-31-11 and I will start the next entry there and catch up to speed.  A

02-01-2011 9:35:16 PM PST

The journey begins...after listening to Brent Phillips as part of The Wellness Series offered by Adoley Odunten, I became excited because Brent mentions how to reach our DNA and actually correct mistakes so to speak in our programming.  I purchased Brent's information package (well worth it) and listened to everything in it.  The next step was to schedule a private session, 1-31-11--during which I felt someminor changes in my head and body.  I decided to find a Theta practioner near me (thankful Brent recommended Colby Wilk from Seattle) I contacted Colby and plan to attend his March 2011 training.

Tonight 2-1-11  I listened to my first live teleseminar with Brent.  I had decided to join Brent's VIP club (well worth it again) so I was a little familiar with the format of the calls (Brent has recorded calls on his VIP site). Tonight was my first "Wealth Club" call and was it a treat. The call was personal yet professional, all participants were respectful of others, there was plenty of time for breaks/questions and Brent was patient and honest.

Now for me, this starts a journey of healing from 36 years of Multiple Sclerosis, the last 16 years I have been confined to a scooter and lets say that life has not been a picnic.  But here we are and the day after my first private healing session I am still sitting in a scooter (okay maybe unrealistic to think I would be miraculously healed) but what I did note was my ability to stand alittle more balanced. I did 10 minutes on my elliptical machine and I felt a surge of energy.  Baby steps but positive ones.

Note: During the Wealth Club seminarI felt very tired when Brent cleared some blockages.  Other clearing questions did not make me tired.  Brent says that the tiredness was from emotional ties to what he was working on so I consider this another positive as well.