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Random Acts of Kindness or R. A. K.  pronounced (rack) is an attitude I have adopted for myself and my family when I settled in my home town in 1993.   I wanted to help people all year long, not only around the holidays.

Instead of just one "good deed"  at Christmas why not do many "good deeds" all year long?  These good deeds are completely in your control.  You get to see who receives your kindness and how it is received.  You help out the people in your community and many of these people, in turn, help out others.  But remember, you must be sincere.





R. A. K. is done anywhere at anytime




(totally your choice)



It's painless.  It's priceless.




How it works is simple--you do a kind deed for someone you think is in need.  The receiving person doesn't have to know who you are, be creative! 



I found out through experience each time I give to a person holding a sign "I Need Food" at the entrance/exit ramps of a highway, something good happens to me.  Don't judge what the person does with the money you give them.  The only thought in your head should be "to give"  because when you give--you receive.   Although I know that's not the only reason you would give to a person, if you are truly in need yourself, this may help you. Please only give what you can spare and understand the amount you "give" is not important, but the "act" of giving is.  And it must be done in a genuine fashion without a grudge. So If you give to the person and think they are faking it, do not give to them.

I don't have a lot of money to give but I've noticed when I give to people in the  city where I live, special things happen.  Try it!  It works!

Also, you don't need to give money.  Smile at people and wish them a nice day or say a few kind words to a stranger.  Compliment a nice outfit or a great hair style.  Why not?  Talk is cheap and if the person isn't nice back, who cares?  They are a stranger, you'll probably never see them again anyway.

I'm sharing this with you because it works.  If you need something for yourself and you need help getting it just give a few dollars or say a few kind words.  You will receive.  It's in the golden book and it's that easy.